A multimedia services company and a cutting edge team...

EZODIS is a multimedia services company founded by three ESSEC Executive MBAs and a cutting edge team of engineers.
We have developed the unique concept of being a “Social Linker”, allowing members of any group or community to stay easily and permanently in contact via a dedicated digital interactive device associated to an internet services platform.

Our CEO, first drafted the project concepts in September 2007 based on his past experiences from the Electronic consumer industry.

We have entered in 2008 several competitions (Oseo2008 and Tremplin-Senat)
We have started hosted in ESSEC’s seeding office in Cergy.
We should get the Jeune Entreprise Innovante status in 2009.

Mission / Ambition / Dream

We have a dream, ambition and a mission...

EZODIS’ dream…
…is to develop and tighten the social link inside any kind of community, in an increasing impersonalized world, where everybody can easily reach any information, but where nobody cares about his neighbour

EZODIS’ Ambition…
…is to develop a new generation of multimedia services providing, according to the very specific interests of every single person using our technology and services platform

EZODIS’ Mission…
…is to provide an intuitive easy-access services platform, enabling people unfamiliar with new technologies to access specific web based content as well as keeping alive a social link with members of their own community – whichever the community !


Two full time founders and one dream team

R&D team is composed of senior fellows from the following industries

  • 2D/3D graphics
  • Video streaming
  • DSP high speed processing
  • Embedded Linux
  • High Level of Service websites

and have worked at varied positions in companies such as Thomson, Canal+, Ateme, Mobileway, Microsoft ...

Our artistic & communication director, in charge of all the user interface designs has created many corporate and e-shoping web sites and has recently kicked off on a worldwide basis the new HD User Interface for a famous LCD TV.

Content providers

Let us bring your content
to our customers!

One of EZODIS’ job, is to be a web content aggregator : our wish is to propose our subscribers a services offer as wide as the Internet can be!

You are a quality web content editor (information, articles, pictures, games, quiz…), you owe the rights of what you are editing, and you are looking for a new audience ?

Become an EZODIS partner, and let us bring your content to our customers..
Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will find the best solution to broadcast your content. Contact us at partners@ezodis.com


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