EZODIS’ services platform and digital interactive device is…

1. A Social Linker, that allows you to:

  • Send an MMS from your kids on your mother’s birthday
  • Check your father’s wellbeing during a summer heat-wave
  • Receive a picture of your friends on vacation

2. A personalized content provider that allows you to:

  • Read International, National and Local news
  • Check the weather forecast of any city in the world
  • Follow the latest quotes of your stocks
  • Receive the latest interviews, videos and live scores of your favourite sports team
  • …and many more features, designed to meet your specific needs, switching from one service to the other as easily as watching TV

An added and very attractive feature of this system is the ability of the whole platform to interface with any kind of home equipment. This allows instant recognition and dissemination of a abnormal situation.


The Social Linker

EZODIS’ offer, based on a services platform and a digital interactive device, answers two needs:

1. Setting, developing and keeping alive the social link: enabling members of a group (be it a family, or any other community) to keep in touch easily, instantly and permanently with one another.

2. Accessing interactivity and personalized services content: allow any member of the group to instantly receive specific and targeted content (mainly web-based) on a dedicated personal touch screen.

Main Targeted Market

Senior Citizens, unfamiliar with the use of a PC & the Internet

EZODIS’ target market is Senior Citizens (typically over 65), unfamiliar with the use of a PC and the Internet and reluctant to learn how to use them, but keen to connect to their families and preserve and develop the social link, particularly in times of increasing medical need:

  • The population of over 65s will grow dramatically all around the world*
  • Life expectancy at birth increases of 1 year every 5 years
  • The percentage of people over 60 in developed countries has grown from 12% in 1950 to 19% in 1998, and should top 28% in 2025**
  • In Japan, country that acts as a reflector of the worldwide population the average age of the consumer will rocket up from 30 in 1965 to 50 in 2050***
  • In addition, and due to the ever-growing demands of their professional lives, children will have less and less time to take care of their own parents and grandparents, home alone****.
  • In France, the market of companies distributing products, equipments and services linked with the preservation of autonomy reached 1.5 to 2 billion euros (with the medical care technical products and services representing 0.6 to 1.1 billion euros)
  • This market grows at an average rate of 10% / year.

* 3 persons out of 10 will be more than 65 in 2050 in Europe – source Eurostat in « La population de 65 ans et plus en UE 25 - ** Velkoff & Lawson, 1998 - *** Mesmer, 2007 - **** Opportunités et enjeux pour la France dans le secteur des technologies de santé à domicile, ALCIMED/MINEFI, mars 2006

Innovative Offer

The 3C’s

This is the reason why we are introducing an innovative “3 C’s services” concept especially for this segment of the market.

Technology & Services

Core value stands in the centralized services platform

This unmet sustainable competitive advantage leads to a highly scalable business, allowing for support of thousands of transactions with relatively low infrastructure costs.

EZODIS’ core value proposition lies in providing the services platform that allows a remotely monitoring and management of all the devices of the community.

The key feature of our system resides in the centralized data services processing before streaming to the digital interactive device, handled on our  EZODIS Services platform ( before streaming to the digital touch screen.

The end user, member of the community, simply enjoys the feeds appearing on his screen, without having to worry about any technical issue.